SSDT – 100 or not?


Interesting fact which has recently re-emerged about the numbers game which surrounds the Scottish Six Days Trial.

The event started out in 1909 by a combination of Edinburgh based motor clubs. The Edinburgh & District Motor Club started organising the Scottish in 1911, this is why the 2011 event was named the ‘Centenary’ trial, won by James Dabill on a Beta, to celebrate 100 years of the SSDT under the Edinburgh club. It was not the 100th trial, that will take place in 2022, all being well.

This year is not officially the 103rd event, but the 92nd event. It is 103 years after the first SSDT run by the Edinburgh & District club. Also the first year in 1909 was not a six, but a five day event.

Also the world wars took their toll and there was no trial 1914-1918 and 1940-1946. The UK  ‘foot & mouth’ outbreak in 2001 ensured there was no SSDT that year either.

So you see, it’s more than a numbers game!

SSDT 2014 – Rider Profiles

SSDT 2014 Advert

Profiles of a selection of this years entry at the Scottish Six Days Trial 2014…

Courtesy of Trials Media, PR partner to the 2014 Scottish Six Days Trial.

The SSDT 103rd edition kick-starts into life on Monday 5th May at 07:30, here is a quick outline of some of the competitors in this years’ Sporting Holiday in Scotland’s Highlands!

Ever since the 1972 event, the rider given the number 1 plate has been traditionally a Scotsman, that year it was the late George Shaw of the Perth & District Club.

This started the trend which has been carried on to the present trial.

The 2014 trial sees Iain Shankie from Barrhead, Glasgow to have the honour of being first man away. A former moto-cross rider turned trials rider, Iain is a promoter with the Bob MacGregor Trials Academy based in Ayrshire. His firm Aquawash is an SSDT sponsor.

Lee Wiggins is all the way up from glorious Devon riding number (2) on his RCM Sherco.

Drew Howie (3) from Inverness is also a keen Shinty player.

Eight times Scottish Trials Champion Gavin Johnston (4) from Inverness, who is more into veteran motocross riding nowadays, but still enjoys riding his all time favourite event, the SSDT.

Enduro fast man, Ricky ‘Bad-Boy’ Mair (8) who took up trials at an early age, helped him immensely in his Enduro riding.

Local man Dougie Gibson (12) who is a member of Lochaber Mountain Rescue and knows exactly where he is at any given time!

Father and son Patrick (19) and Gareth Palmer (20) from Crieff compete in their third SSDT. Patrick runs a holiday chalet business.

Dan Beaven (24) is riding his first Six Days, even although he is really an old hand at trials, having ridden youth national trials at aged 14-16 and has won three national Enduro championships. He felt the SSDT was a must.

Juan Knight (27) is a bike dealer and brother of Enduro king-pin David. From the Isle of Man, Juan is no stranger to the SSDT having ridden many times before.

Closely followed by the Stanley TC boys, Louis Grey (28) who always has a broad smile on his face, check those teeth out!

Colin Ward (29) is of the trials dynasty from Stanley, County Durham. Colin runs an off-road centre on his farm and his late father Colin Snr was both a rider and SSDT back-marker for many years.

Scott Turpin (32) has been coming to Fort William for the Scottish since he was 6 months old, his Dad, Graham rode the event nine times and this is Scott’s second. Unfortunately due to university pressures, this may be his last for a couple of years, so he will be making the most of the event this year.

On the 300 Beta-UK is Becky Cook (34) from the Isle of Wight. Becky has been riding the SSDT for a number of years now and is a former ACU British Ladies Trials Champion.

Midlander, Peter Archer (35) has ridden a number of times, so he should know where to go and when to be there. His father is Graham ‘Arch’ Archer who rode in the 1980’s on a Fantic.

The British Army trio this year are represented by Phil Wiffen (44) who is a regular enduro rider; Sam Sanderson (46) and Darren ‘Daz’ Hesleton (47) all have ridden previously.

David Pye (52) from Northallerton, this is his 16th Scottish having first rode in 1991 on a Fantic of course as his father is Fantic Fanatic Bill Pye.

Phil Disney (53) on the Appleyards Future Montesa is a former Yorkshire Centre champion and is an old hand at the SSDT, who can post some very good rides in Scotland.

Gavin Thornton (54) is no stranger to the SSDT. His late father was David ‘George-Harry’ Thornton who worked at Appleyards and also rode the SSDT on numerous occasions.

Electrician, Tom Affleck (57) from Yarm on Tees was runner up in the ACU British Experts Trials Championship last year, so keep an eye on him.

Richard Timperley (66) from Sheffield has been riding the SSDT since 2002, now on a Jotagas, Timps now works in the motor trade at Triangle Kia who supplies the trade car for Trial Magazine and can have some excellent rides in Lochaber.

The Battensby’s from Cramlington, Andrew (70) is a motor engineer and his cousin, John (71) is a panel beater. Most of their extended families ride trials.

Aran Drachenberg (72) from Settle, North Yorks is taking time off his own business and has ridden a number of SSDTs.

Graham Tales (77) is a painter & decorator from Ilkley, West Yorks and has ridden this event many times some as a sponsored rider with Appleyards. He is riding in company with his old pal Steve Moore (78) who is a self-employed builder from Woking and is now a member of the ACU Trials & Enduro committee. Steve rode for Honda UK on the RTL machines in the late 1980’s.

Vojta Klecka (79) from Sweden has ridden this event from the late 1970’s, so we could say he is a veteran rider. He has ridden most makes over the years from Ossa through to Sherco. Vojta is a SSDT super-enthusiast!

Colin Barrie (80) from Wooler, Northumberland has ridden before but also served as SACU steward for many years. His father was a Scottish scrambles rider who observes at the Pre’65 trial.

The Sunter siblings, Katy (82) and Mark (83) should need no introduction to SSDT followers as they have both rode many times. Katy is a learning and discovery leader with the Peak District National Park and Mark works for Triumph Motorcycles. Their father is of course Richard Sunter the former Montesa and Kawasaki works rider from Healaugh right in the heart of Scott Trial country.

Chris Pearson (86) from Sheffield is riding round with Dan Thorpe, number (87). Dan has been riding the SSDT since 1994 and is within seeing distance of his fiancé, Katy Sunter. Dan’s father is of course former works trials rider Dave Thorpe.

Adam Norris (90) from Bristol, is a veteran of the SSDT now having ridden just about every one since 1989 when on a Yamaha, he was 46th. He came 6th in 1992, just 22 years ago!

Jack Challoner (92) from Halifax is a very talented rider but freely admits that no-stop isn’t his favourite style of riding, so he will have to up his game this week as the Scottish is a no-stop event. Jack suffered a nasty injury a few weeks prior to the event; hopefully he will make it riding the Ossa in 2014.

Jonathan Richardson (96) from Skeeby, North Yorks is also from a trials family dynasty as his Father Gerald and his uncles were well known riders in their day. Jono has ridden half a dozen SSDT’s now and competed at World Championship level.

Number (97) is Gordon Murray from Invergordon, Rosshire. He is 56 years of age, but still fit as a fiddle and enjoys his Scottish week. He is a committee member of the Inverness Club and is riding round with club members Frank Mackle (98) and Ross Murray (99) also from Invergordon.

Two Austrians Philipp Bertl (100) and Max Schuster (101) and two Canadians have flown over to be here, number (104) Andrew Allen and number (105) Jonathan English.

Numbers (111) and (112) are Son and Father duo Oliver and Alexander Stampli from Switzerland. Their whole family are into trials with Alexander having ridden the SSDT in 1983 and 1986 and Oliver rode for the first time last year. Oliver now lives in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Downhill Mountain Bike champion, Steve Peat (113) rode his first SSDT in 2011 and enjoyed it so much he has decided to ride again and again. Can put in some nice rides too, without having to pedal!

James Dabill (114) is a twice winner of the Scottish, in 2006 for Montesa and the centenary year, 2011 for Beta. James is definitely a ‘man to watch’ very carefully this week.

Beta team-mate Jack Sheppard (115) will no doubt be watching James Dabill’s lines closely this week.

Bradford’s Ross Crosby (117) is no stranger to the Scottish and can post some healthy scores; he’s on an Appleyard Beta this year.

Jolly Rodger Williams (119), a petrochemical engineer is back for another go. He is a steady rider who knows all about no-stop and has ridden many Scottish’s since the mid 1980’s.

Philip Alderson (120) from Wensleydale is a true SSDT veteran, being a former Hamilton Yamaha team-member, who has had some high placings, but never won the event, he is of course a previous multiple Scott Trial winner.

Guy Smeeth (121) all the way from Canada, Guy has ridden previously, so he is not in for a shock.

Back for his second Scottish is Sven Bley (122) from Inverness not Scotland, but Inverness, Illinous, USA! Sven was one-time sponsor and mentor of USA – AMA Trials Champion, Johnny Andersson on RTL250 Hondas. Sven is director of a dimensional inspection company.

Number (124) is Ripon member Stuart Blythe, a garage proprietor from Melmerby, who has come back to ride the Scottish last year after many years concentrating on the family business.

Michael McCosh (127) and riding buddy Colin Perry (128) are from Northern Ireland. Michael has ridden the SSDT previously and is the son of Billy McCosh is a motor trader and one-time sponsor of Rob Crawford back in the 1990’s. Colin started riding in 1974 and has won Ulster and Irish semi-expert titles and represented Ireland at 4 Trials Des Nations. Having never ridden the SSDT Colin is looking forward to this year.

Ben ‘Beastie’ Hemingway (129) is more into Hard/extreme Enduros nowadays but still loves to ride the Scottish and The Scott events. Brother Dan (139) is not far behind. Ben is cousin to number 130.

Number (130) is of course regarded as the ‘King of Trials’ which is Doug Lampkin. Doug is seven times winner of the SSDT, making him also ‘King of the Scottish’ being the rider to have won it more times than any other rider, in the events 103 year history.

Tom Hick (135) is an electrician by trade from York and a member of the Eboracum Club; he has ridden a number of SSDT’s now and thoroughly enjoys them.

Guy Kendrew (136) has been going good guns in this years ACU British Experts Championship and can post some fine scores.

James Lampkin (140) has been riding the Scottish steadily from the late 1990’s and is the son of Alan ‘Sid’ Lampkin who won the 1966 trial on a factory BSA.

Riding the factory Sherco Emma Bristow (141) won her first World Title this year at the SuperEnduro and convincingly won the Ladies class at last years ‘Scottish’. She will have her partner James Fry (142) for company this year.

Brothers Tim (137) and James (138) Connor are brothers of former winner Sam (143) who won the 2005 trial on a Sherco. Sam can still post a good placing, even although he doesn’t ride much nowadays being a financial adviser in the City of London. Their Aunt is Rhoda Rathmell and their Father Jim Connor was a top motocross rider in the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Carlos Casas (147) from Olot, Catalunia is the undisputed ‘Spanish/Catalan Ambassador’ for the Scottish. Carlos has encouraged so many Spanish and Catalan riders to compete in this event from the late 1970’s to the present day. He is back on the Montesa 4RT after a spell on GasGas machinery.

Michael (149) and Rich (150) Kendra from York are builders and are members of the local Eboracum Club.

Three riders from the Czech Republic are riding this year, Ivan Nototny (151); Radim Cyprian (152) and Kamil Brudny (175).

Rider (154) is Sam Boocock from Halifax who has ridden three previous SSDTs and gets some help from the Trials UK dealership.

Riding as many nationals as he could before the Scottish, Richard ‘Milky’ Midgley from Silsden is a parts adviser at Beta –UK and he will be riding number (159). Has he eaten too many of his father’s superb sausage sandwiches from his food van? We will see!

Axel (161) and Manuel (162) Jane, the son and father pair has ridden the SSDT many times previously. Manuel, being a super-trials-enthusiast, who is of the family that manufactures ‘Jane – pronounced Hannay’ prams and push-chairs in Spain.

Gary Pears (166) is an old hand at the trial, originally from Cumbria, Gary moved to Newcastle some years ago. He rides a Scorpa and used to ride a Yamaha powered Birkett for many years.

Ross Danby (178) has ridden seven SSDT’s his first was on a 125cc Gas Gas, he is now riding for Steve Saunders’ SXS Jotagas. A national trial winner, Ross puts a real effort into the Scottish and is usually a top ten performer.

Jordi Pasquet (179) returns once again, this time GasGas mounted, again a top ten finisher.

Clubmen, brothers David (182) and Stuart (183) Anderson from Lanarkshire are regular riders on the domestic Scottish Trials scene.

Michele Bosi (186) of the Top Trial Team from Italy and his girlfriend Sara Trentini (187) are back for another helping of Scottish Six Days. Sara has recently opened a trials shop in Arco, Italy.

1981 Scottish winner, Giles Burgat (197) from Verrens-Arvey, France returns again. Gilles has ridden SWM and Fantic for the factories. He returned for the centenary event in 2011 and is back again with a Montesa this time having switched to four-stroke power.

Michel Front (198) from France of the Motor Club Iseran is a well-known face having ridden the Scottish from the 1980’s.

Numbers (199) and (200) are another well-known Father and Son combo, Paul and Tom Sagar from Wales. Tom is now a top-flight Enduro rider, but still likes to ride the Scottish as it’s the family’s favourite event.

Dominique Guillaume (201) from Bassecourt in Switzerland is also a SSDT veteran, riding many times. He likes ‘Famous Grouse’ whisky!

Luke Walker from Ashby de la Zouch is a mechanic at Redline Motorcycles, riding number (203) with an MRS Sherco.

Three Scotsmen riding together are veteran Douglas Paton (205) who rode in the 1980’s on Fantic. First-timer from Ballachulish, Calum Murphy (206) who works for SSE and Kevin ‘The Under-Rated’ Dignan (207) as he was once dubbed in the trials press. Kevin is a well-known local rider from Fort William. His first SSDT was in 1986 on a Fantic 300 twin-shock; he finished in 106th position with a first class award that year and has ridden just about every year since.

Number (210) is the last man to be still riding the Scottish, who has started and finished the event in Edinburgh, that was back in 1976. Nigel Birkett, whose first SSDT was in 1971 on a 120cc Suzuki, so we make this his 42nd event as the 2001 event was cancelled due to ‘foot and mouth’.

Current British champion Michael Brown, who has been so close to winning the Scottish previously, starts on number (214). Last year he retired with a knee injury, will 2014 be Pune’s year?

John Shirt (215) has ridden many times and just loves this event. He is of course the UK importer for Gas Gas trials machines, having ridden the event not only on GasGas but also in 1988 on an ex-factory Eddy Lejeune Honda RTL270SW.

Riders (221) and (222) – Twin brothers, Brad and Dec Bullock, they rode last year for the first time and they are repeating it again this year. They didn’t even see a SSDT before they came on the start ramp in 2013! Luckily Father Simon Bullock and Uncle Andy Gardner have many years experience in the Scottish and their wisdom saw the boys through. Definitely one of the lads’ favourite events and they are really looking forward to riding it again, this time knowing what they are letting themselves in for!

Number (225) is ACU Trials and Enduro committee man, Anthony Rew, a farmer from Newton Abbot who is a keen twin-shock competitor, but just can’t get enough of the Scottish.

David Clinkard (226) was a star trials rider back in the late 1970’s on Beamish Suzuki. David is Over-40’s British Trials Champion.

Always a contender for the win, Alexz Wigg won the Scottish in 2010 for Beta and is riding number (229) this year on a 300 JST GasGas.

Sam Haslam has always posted top ten finishes in the SSDT, he will ride number (230) on his JST Gas Gas. Sam’s Father Adrian and Uncle Ray were top Wessex Centre riders back in the 1970’s on the Bultaco and Beamish Suzuki brand.

Jitsie representative, originally from Lancashire now based in Barcelona, James Duxbury is back for another helping of Scottish and will ride number (240).

The Bell Brothers, Liston (241) and Lewis (242) from Gorebridge, Midlothian are the grandsons of the late Willie Dalling, the former Clerk of Course of the SSDT. These guys haven’t missed a n SSDT literally since they were born! While Jamie Reid (243) is riding, his Father, James will be laying out the next day’s route ahead of him!

Rider (250) is Allan ‘Spike’ Milligan, who used to be in the RAF, but now in civvy-street as he works for Halliburton. Originally from Sanquhar in Dumfriesshire, he lives near Lossiemouth, Moray. He is riding a tricked out ‘Extreme Tattoo’ Montesa 4RT.

Rider (252) is Boyd Webster who has ridden since 2002; hence this is his thirteen SSDT on the trot. Webster and his Dad, also Boyd, have both won the Mamore Challenge Trophy in the Scottish.

Scott Gordon (253) from Dalkeith, Midlothian is the son of Pre’65 Scottish secretary Anne, who also rides twin-shock motocross. He is assistant Plant manager with an excavation company in the Scottish Lowlands.

Mike McNiven (254) is a lumber-jack having studied Forestry in the Scottish Highlands, originally from Gifford, now living in Inverness.

Scots pairing, Scott Alexander (258) from Ayrshire will be keeping local Fort William baker, Paul Paterson (259) company.

Jack Stones (260) from Arkengarthdale, near Richmond has ridden before; he loves the moors and is a steady rider. His riding buddies are Matt Maynard (261) who broke his leg in the Scott Trial a year ago, but is back to full strength and loves the SSDT and Paul Terry (262), all Richmond members.

Barry Roads (266) has decided to give the Six Days another go; he is into oil recovery and rides a lot in Europe.

Young Welsh ‘Wizard’ Iwan Roberts (263) has already shown some promise this year in the British championship but will move down from the 300cc machine and will ride the 125cc Beta in the SSDT.

James Stones (268) is Jack’s cousin and this is his first SSDT and is really up for the challenge.

Local man and nine times Scottish Trials Champion, Gary Macdonald (269) from nearby Kinlochleven has been riding the SSDT since 2002 and has been oh-so-close. He would dearly love to win this even and clear a 79 year dry spell for a Scotsman to win.

Richard Sadler (271) can put in some really good rides and will be aiming for a top ten placing no doubt.

Craig Houston (274) from Ayrshire has made a return to trials after a three year lay-off.

David Moffat (275) is a self-employed joiner from Inverness; he will be riding his Montesa 4RT in its fourth SSDT, his sixth in total.

David’s riding companions are Andrew Brown (276) known as ‘AG’ who has built up a trials bike dealership alongside his builders business at Low Row, Richmond. Also Sandra Gomez (277) from Madrid on the factory Ossa has been involved in X-Games Enduro riding over the last season; Sandra is cutting it fine, by having to ride a Ladies Spanish Championship on ‘weigh-in’ Sunday!

Which leaves Yorkshiremen, Dave Mawer (284); Joel Sadler (285) and Sam Yeadon (286) bringing up the rear and a long lie on the Monday!

Honda/Montesa SSDT 2014 – Rider Support




Honda to provide on-event support from factory Repsol Honda Team – HRC for 2014 Scottish Six Days Trial

Honda (UK) is pleased to announce it will be providing on-event support for all competitors riding Montesa Honda machinery at the famed Scottish Six Days Trial on 2-10 May 2014.

Support will be offered from the Honda village in the main paddock service area – where competitors can get refreshments and make use of the technical area to conduct service on their competition machines.

This technical area will be run out of the factory Repsol Honda Team – HRC race awning, the very same technical area occupied by legends Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami in the opening rounds of the 2014 Trial World Championship.

Technicians from the factory team will be on hand to offer technical advice to competitors where needed and provide tools for specific jobs if required. Representatives from Honda’s official Montesa franchised dealers will also be on hand to provide parts support to competitors.

Any competitors interested in receiving on-event support or opening a parts account prior to the event, please make contact with your local Montesa dealer, from the list below:

Craigs Motorcycles,Dewsbury, Yorkshire,Tel: 01924 488 117

Mickey Oates Motorcycles, Glasgow, Scotland Tel: 0141 332 7374

St Blazey Moto-X, Par, Cornwall Tel: 01726 816 181

Alongside the raft of privateer competitors on Montesa Honda machinery, Honda is also pleased to announce that Eddie Karlsson – regular challenger in the Trial World Championship – will be competing under the Montesa banner at the event on a completely standard Montesa Cota 4RT260.

For more information on the Scottish Six Days Trial, visit:

187BLF – An historic AJS

Words: Trials Guru
Photos: Trials Guru copyright – John Hulme/Trial Magazine – Sammy Miller – Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven – Tommy Sandham


Here are a few photos of the most famous competition AJS single.

187BLF is the ex-factory AJS of Gordon L. Jackson who won the 1961 Scottish Six Days Trial aboard this very machine and only lost one mark in the process.

It is a fascinating story of how a bike was ridden, won the most famous of all trials on the lowest ever recorded score and then after being sold at a reduced cost to pay for another AJS rider’s expenses and winnings bonus, which was lost to the world for many years.

The Thames Ditton sporting dealers, Comerfords’ Sales Manager, Bert Thorn immediately ordered one-hundred replicas straight after Jackson’s SSDT win, but the factory never fulfilled the order.

Enjoy these photos, courtesy of Trials Guru.

5 The famous Gordon Jackson AJS as it arrived at the museum.
187BLF in its ‘as found’ state in 2011 – Photo: Sammy Miller, New Milton, Hants

Copy of SL702101
Fitted with the number 166 which was Jackson’s race number in the 1961 SSDT on the machine that was built for the task specially for Jackson to contest the event

Copy of SL702097
Close up of the offside of 187BLF showing the high level exhaust and central oil tank which lowers the centre of gravity, rubber covers were used to shield the carburettor which was devoid of air cleaner. The factory reckoned that an air cleaner made the mixture too rich

Copy of SL702098
The nearside view of 187BLF showing the alloy primary chaincase and the spigot mount for the prop stand which was obligatory for the SSDT

GLJ - 187 BLF - Feb 2011
Trials ace, Gordon L. Jackson re-united with his 1961 SSDT winning AJS.

Sammy Miller with 187BLF shortly after initial restoration which was carried out in Sammy’s workshops at New Milton, Hampshire and now displays the machine permanently at the Museum. 187BLF is owned by The Sammy Miller Trust – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine

2011 - 187BLF- GOV132 - IL
Photographed at the SSDT Centenary in 2011 – Two of the most famous trials machines, of all time – 187BLF (350 AJS) which won the 1961 SSDT ridden by Gordon Jackson losing only one mark. GOV132 (500 Ariel) Sammy Miller’s famous machine that won the SSDT (1962 & 1964) – Photo: Iain Lawrie, Kinlochleven

Offside/timing side of 187BLF – Notice the black rockerbox cover. These were cast in ‘Elektron’ a magnesium alloy and this is the short-stroke motor with cast in pushrod tunnels – Photo: Tommy Sandham, Magor

Nearside/Primary drive side of 187BLF, note the alloy primary chaincase and the spigot, mounted on the magneto plate to take the propstand which is attached to the front down tube, this was a requirement for the Scottish Six Days, to have an operating stand – Photo: Tommy Sandham, Magor

187BLF in the spring sunshine of 2011 at the Centenary SSDT in Fort William – Photo: Tommy Sandham, Magor

Gordon L. Jackson waits for the call to fire up 187BLF at the parade during the Centenary celebrations for the Scottish Six Days in 2011 – Photo: Tommy Sandham, Magor

Gordon Jackson reunited with his 1961 winning AJS 16C (187BLF) at the Centenary SSDT in High Street, Fort William in 2011 – Photo: Tommy Sandham, Magor

In late 1962, Gordon Blakeway (on the right with Jackson) took over 187BLF as it’s factory rider, but by 1965 AMC couldn’t afford to pay Gordon’s bonus, so they sold the machine to him and they deducted his expenses from the total price. Blakeway sold the machine on a few weeks later for “an acceptable profit”.

Have a read…’That Boy’ – The story of Ferry Brouwer


The Guru usually restricts information to the sport of trials, however, he has recently obtained a copy of the book titled: ‘That Boy – What became of Ferry Brouwer’ – Natascha Kayser

Ferry Brouwer was a race technician with Yamaha Motor Company and was spanner-man to a host of top grand-prix riders. Later in life, he became importer of Arai helmets to Europe.

He had a happy family life growing up in a working class area of Holland, life was not easy, money was not plentiful, but young Ferry always found something interesting to do and had the will to succeed.

If you get a chance to buy a copy of this book, do so, even if your interest is not in motorcycle racing, it is a captivating story. Written in both Dutch and English language, it is an open and honest recount of life in the Netherlands, post-war.

Read how Ferry took his life savings and approached Mr. Arai of the Japanese safety helmet company to attempt to import the famous helmets to Europe, he met with obstacles, yet he was not put off.

It is a true-story of endeavour and self-belief.

For more information:

That Boy – Ferry Brouwer



SSDT 2014 & Trials Media – Press Update



The official Public Relations and Publicity partner of the Scottish Six Days Trial 2014 is Trials Media.

Based in High Peak, Derbyshire, Trials Media is the PR arm of Yoomee Ltd, their MD is trials enthusiast John Hulme, himself a former SSDT competitor.

‘Trials Media’ Chief, John Hulme heads up the Press and Public Relations for the SSDT 2014. (Photo: Heather Mead Photography, Dingwall)

John Hulme or ‘Yoomee’ as he is universally known, will be at the SSDT not only reporting for Trial Magazine, but will be keeping in constant touch with Press Officer, Heath Brindley who will be manning the SSDT World-wide press office, based at the Ben Nevis Hotel, the HQ of the SSDT.

Heath Tarres 2
Heath Brindley (Left) seen here with former World Champion and SSDT winner, Jordi Tarres; will be Press Officer situated at the SSDT HQ (Ben Nevis Hotel)

Meet the 2014 SSDT/Trials Media Press Team…

Yoomee 1980 Majesty SSDT
John Hulme in the 1980 SSDT on his Shirty supported Yamaha Majesty. (Photo copyright: Jimmy Young, Armadale, Scotland)


Jotagas Heath
SSDT Press Officer – Heath Brindley from Weston Super Mare, will be on hand during the 2014 event at the Ben Nevis Hotel

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