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Scott Trial 2017 – Resume

The Scott Trial 2017 is over and time to reflect on a fantastic event.

1st Dougie Lampkin
Scott Trial 2017 Winner Doug Lampkin with Trials Guru’s John Moffat and the coveted Alfred Angas Scott Memorial trophy – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

Here are Trials Guru’s observations of a very tough trial held on 21st October 2017 with assistance from photographer John Hulme of Trial magazine UK.

193 started and 87 finished on time.

Red - DSC_1289
First man away at 09:00:00 was Scotsman, Gordon Murray from Evanton, Highland on his Beta, seen here being interviewed by Scott Trial commentator, John Moffat – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

Last years’ winner James Dabill set standard time, but it wasn’t enough to take the coveted A.A. Scott Memorial trophy from 41 year old Dougie Lampkin a rider with no less than four previous wins and three fastest finishes to his credit. Lampkin made it win number five, which was coincidentally his late father Martin’s favourite number!

Dabill came home in fourth position and a Gas Gas which resembled a boiling kettle. “Fancy a brew” quipped Dabill when he stalled the motor on the finish line.

“I wasn’t sure if I had another Scott win in me” stated an emotional Lampkin at the award ceremony on the Saturday evening at around 10.45 pm when he hoisted the A.A. Scott trophy high. A trophy which has borne the name ‘Lampkin’ on 12 previous occassions.

At the start, Dougie stated to Trials Guru’s Moffat during a filmed interview that his Uncle Arthur had stated that a Lampkin should always compete in the Scott Trial, the mantle falls to Doug at this time, so we can expect DL to be riding for a few more years yet.

Red - DSC_1273
Trials Guru’s John Moffat interviewing winner Doug Lampkin at the scrutineering in the morning – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

When Doug returned to the finish field at Feldom Lane after 3 pm in the afternoon, he was a man with doubts in his mind, that was evident. Moffat again interviewed him to get his thoughts. He stated that the ‘young ones’ had closed in on him quicker than he could have imagined during the five hours or more that he had been wrestling the 300 Vertigo over a very wet Swaledale.

There had been heavy rainfall prior to the event which used a reverse direction course, which involved a lot of zig-zagging according to one of the local landowners and the moors and overall going was soft and slippery.

Miles Carruthers from Hookwoods commented that: “I’m a southern softie, used to mud trials, but today was very muddy even by my standards, it was super slippery, but yes, I’ll be back in 2018 for another go!”

The course has to be run at least every five years in reverse direction as part of the conditions placed on the event by the Yorkshire Dales, National Park.

But it was Lampkin’s day… again. Eleven minutes late, he lost 43 marks on observation but it was 7 marks in front!

John Moffat said: “You must never, ever underestimate or rule out Doug Lampkin, he is not known as the King of Trials for no reason. He is a thinking rider, he is calculated, but can also suffer from bad luck on the day, but as the saying goes, when the going gets tough… Doug gets tougher!”

There were some other noteable achievements of course, with Ian Austermuhle taking second spot, having won in 2015 and doesn’t ride trials as often as he used to.

Red - DSC_1267
Newly crowned British Champion, Jack Price at scrutineering gives the low-down to Trials Guru’s Moffat – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

Fast rider, Jack Price boiled his Gas Gas, a suspected cylinder head ‘O’ ring being the likely culprit. He pushed all the way from Rotton Wood to the finish, but given that his machine had a tow-rope fitted and was seen to have been hauled up the finish field by two spectators, he was unable to be classed as a ‘bona fide’ finisher this year. So near and yet so far, but better luck for 2018.

Red - DSC_1704
Fast on the moors, Gas Gas UK mounted Jack Price at By-Pass, captured by John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

Local rider from Skeeby, Jonathan Richardson had a bad day at the office and almost rode clean away from the finish holding area. Fortunately he stayed and commented that it was not hsi day, with problems to overcome. He finished in eighth position, being a former winner and fastest rider in the past, he was justifiably disappointed.

Red - DSC_1780
Duncan McColl (132) centre at By-Pass with Chris Brown entering the section – Photo: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK

Scottish rider and newcomer, Duncan McColl from Glasgow who won the Mintex Trial is a man to watch for the future. He was unlucky and came off at speed, cutting his forehead and required eight stiches and a check-over for concussion, but he got round regardless and finished in 55th position.

Local rider, Jimmy Stones had an excellent Scott, coming home in third position with best on observation, losing 41 marks with 21 time penalty marks.

Thanks to the Richmond Motor Club (Yorks) Ltd for putting on yet another unique Scott Trial.

The Scott Trial will return on Saturday 13th October 2018!

Article: Trials Guru
Photographs: John Hulme/Trial Magazine UK – Copyright



Barry’s Pre-Scott

Barry Robinson captures ace photographer Eric Kitchen at Orgate with tons of water pouring over the falls – Photo: Barry Robinson

Barry Robinson who celebrated his 86th birthday yesterday (19th October) was out and about doing what he does best, taking photographs of places and people around the Swaledale area just prior to the 92nd Scott Trial.

A smiling John Shirt of Gas Gas UK when out and about pre-trial – Photo: Barry Robinson

Robinson’s photos have graced quite a few pages of this year’s souvenir programme, which it has been said is selling like ‘hot cakes’ in and around the area pre-trial.

The Trials Monkey, Michael Brown a former winner in 2013 and second last year – Photo: Barry Robinson

Here are just a few of Barry’s photos for your enjoyment pre-2017 Scott Trial.

The Welsh contingent, pre-trial. Iwan Roberts is on the far right – Photo: Barry Robinson


Coming soon to Irish Trials

David Coughlan - Banbridge Classic Trial - Bultaco - CS
David Coughlan from Waterford on his very original 244cc Bultaco Sherpa T seen here at the Banbridge Classic Trial – Photo: Chris Sharp

Trials Guru has pleasure in announcing that we will be showcasing some images granted display by County Londonderry’s Chris Sharp, a trials, cycling and motorcycling enthusiast.

Chris has taken photographs for many years at events on the Emerald Isle and beyond and he takes really good images.

We are of course delighted to be able to show his work on the new ‘Irish Trials – Chris Sharp Selection‘ page and of course, as usual, all images remain the copyright of Chris Sharp, so please be respectful of that.

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Build it and they will come

A facebook interest page has spawned a new event in Derbyshire, we catch up with Mark Trueman…

Group - IMGP0513 - red

Words: Trials Guru – Mark Trueman

Photos: Nigel Ward

Facebook is of course a world-wide social media website and trials is becoming well catered for in that popular place, it now boasts over 5,000 members.

A general interest entitled “Hard to Find Twinshock Trials and Aircooled Mono” has now a large following, with members trading parts and complete machines. It is quite refreshing as it isn’t just another chat room, riders are helping other riders.

The result was the creation of a ‘Group Trial’ where members of the facebook group were invited to compete in a two day trial at two separate venues in Derbyshire.

Mark Trueman from Sheffield, England is the man behind this special interest group and puts a lot of time and effort into keeping it fresh and sensible. If people post inappropriate content or comment, he politely asks them to remove it, before it is removed. Most if not all, comply!

Here is the report on the third edition of the ‘Two Day Group Trial’ or 2DGT for short:

Hard To Find Twinshock Trials & AC Mono – Two Day Group Trial – 22ND / 23RD July 2017

Day One : Burycliffe Farm, Elton, Derbyshire

4 - IMGP0520 - red

Day Two : Dudwood Farm, Elton, Derbyshire

The ever popular Facebook Group 2 Day Trial headed back to the rolling Countryside of Derbyshire over the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of July, stageing its 3rd edition.

Hosted and organised by the well known pairing of ‘YMSA’ couple of Barry & Sally Burton, with on the weekend assistance from facebook master, Mark Trueman, a weekend fielding over forty riders competed over the ten section, four laps per venue courses.

Classes were offered for Pre’65, Twinshock, along with a smattering of the comparatively modern Aircooled Monos.

10- IMGP0536 - red

Heavy pre-event rain didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the entrants, and sections were designed and set out by trials master, Mr Mick Andrews leading up to the event.

Camping and entertainment was provided on the Saturday, and riders came from as far and wide as Malta and the Isle Of Man, as well as a strong contingent from the Southern Counties, for what is fast becoming a popular yearly event.

65 - IMGP0548 - red

Day one saw Dan Clark ride clean on his 1987 Honda RTL250 in the Expert Aircooled Mono class with an exceptional ride in the sticky conditions, as you would expect from a rider with his natural ability and experience.

Day one also saw Paul ‘Mac’ Houghton only lose 3 marks on his smartly turned out 1989 Gas Gas 250 in the Novice Aircooled Mono class, with Danny Littlehales riding well in the Pre’65 Expert category.

Andrew Bunton taking the spoils on the first day on his 1983 SWM 320 in the Twinshock Novice class.

In the Twinshock Expert class, a great ride also from Matt Spink on a 1980 Suzuki saw him clean all ten on the day.

With Richard Rogers riding a 1984 Fantic 300 and Jim Williams on board a 1983 SWM 350 ‘JUMBO’ cancelling each other out in the 50/50 Twinshock class.

Day two provided a few more entrants on the day, and complimented perfectly the great weekend had by all in drying conditions, providing a little more grip in the Rocky sections.


  • PRE 65 – 50/50 – SIMON SMITTS – 44 MARKS LOST

Well done to all involved, and the planning now starts for next year’s event to again be staged at Elton, Derbyshire. All details to be found when available on the ‘Hard To Find Twinshock Trials and Aircooled Monos’ facebook Page.

Olga Kevelos in print

Playing with the Boys

cover OK

Olga Kevelos (1923-2009) was a star of the UK motorcycle scene from the late 1940s until the 1960s, excelling best in the trials scene, but trying out both road racing and scrambles, both of which were largely denied to women at the time. She was well known in the ‘Scottish’ (SSDT) and ISDT events, competing in both over many years, with some success.

Olga K - SSDT

But Olga was more than just a motorcycle sportswoman – she was glamorous, adventurous, fearless and, above all, independent in nature. This book traces her life from its’ beginnings in the family home in Edgbaston, Birmingham, through her unusual wartime service with a small group of women volunteers on the canals, her motorcycle years, and finally, her time as a pub landlady and quiz expert.

Along the way the reader will learn about her vivacious personality and those who most closely shared her life. In order to provide context, a chapter covers the place of women in motorcycle sport in the pre and post war years. An appendix gives brief detail on some of the motorcycles most closely associated with Olga.

This A4 size 160 page book has over 250 illustrations, many of which have never been published before and many in colour. The author has self-published the book and it’s initial availability is limited. Copies cost £20.00 and P&P in the UK is an additional £4.00. Further details can be found on the Facebook page:  HERE or from the author :

backcover - OK

Greeves Re-discovered

Sometimes, Trials Guru is approached by individuals who have found a trials motorcycle and are keen to discover it’s history.

We are not always able to assist due to the complexity of the task, but here is an instance where we were able to help, almost immediately upon receiving the request for assistance!

T Milton 1963
Tom Milton Junior on his Greeves TE250 in September 1963, winning a Loch Lomond trial
Words: Mark Morris
Assistance and Co-operation: Tom Milton Jnr (USA)

I came into contact with John Moffat at the Trials Guru website, via the Greeves Riders Association after seeking information regarding my newly acquired TE 250. John provided the key information necessary regarding its’ history, allowing me to find out more about the Greeves Scottish in my possession.

The story of my search has its roots in my long ago interest with the Greeves marque.

When I was a teenager back in 1978, my best friend had a Cotton trials machine which I admired from afar. I was keen to find something similar and after trawling the pages of the ‘Exchange and Mart’ found what was described as a ‘Greeves Scottish’ close to where I lived. The bike was great fun to ride and I always regretted selling it.

As found
Mark Morris with his Greeves Hawkstone back in 1978.

Many years passed and different bikes came and went but the Greeves always had a place in my heart and at the back of my mind I knew that I would like once again to own one, but realistically thought it would not be possible.

With no particular thoughts in mind I went along to the Telford Off Road Show back in February 2017.

As I walked down the line of Scramblers on the Greeves Owners Association stand, I stood back in disbelief, when I saw before me my old Greeves. It had stood in a barn for many years before being bought by its current owner. Furthermore I learned that it wasn’t actually a Greeves Scottish but an early ‘Hawkstone’ scrambler (I later was told that the gearing was similar enough in both Scottish and Hawkstones for the Hawkstone to be used as a rudimentary trials bike).

As Found 2
Mark’s old Greeves Hawkstone taken at the Telford Show in February 2017 – Photo: Mark Morris

After returning home I found myself wishing more than ever that I had kept the Greeves when I was younger.

Unfortunately later that month a relative died, but had left me some money in their will and so it was with this incentive that I went out to look for another Greeves to own.

I decided that I wanted a ‘Scottish’ because not only could I fit lights if need be but I would have less trouble getting it through an MOT.

My search started on ‘e-bay’ and I soon found a bike I could afford. This was a 1962 model TE 250. Once delivered I put it through an MOT which it passed first go (despite having been stood unused for many years in a shed) I then joined the Greeves Riders Association and VMCC.  The GRA managed to trace my frame and engine number back to the date the bike was originally sold and it brought up an interesting anomaly. The bike had been purchased directly from the Thundersley factory by the ‘Scottish Clubman’ magazine. This was unusual insomuch as it was routine for bikes to go from the factory directly to agents or dealerships.

The original TE250 which was Tom Milton’s first trials machine, 7030SF as it is today – Photo: Mark Morris

I was piqued and intrigued to find more about my bikes slightly unusual history.

My next stage in finding the bikes history was to ask if anyone could help on the GRA forum. It was from there that I was given John Moffat’s details by enthusiast Brian Catt.

Amazingly, John had a recollection of the bike from the registration (I luckily had the original logbook) and in no time at all, he had put me in contact with the original owner Tommy Milton Jnr. who lives in the USA.

Tommy’s father appeared in a recent article on the Trials Guru website entitled: “Great Scots, Tommy Milton – or NOTLIM, if you prefer” and it was this bike that was mentioned in the article as being given to Tommy Jnr as an incentive to excel at school.

Tommy very soon got back in contact with me to happily confirm that it was indeed his first trials machine dating from 1962 and he recounted how his Dad had rashly promised to get him a new bike if he buckled down at school.

Tommy Milton Senior was a director of the Scottish Clubman Ltd., a monthly magazine for car and motorcycle sport enthusiasts run by amateurs, and he had agreed a deal with Greeves for the bike at a favourable price in return for an article in the magazine after a few months use. Tom Junior and Senior travelled down from their home in Edinburgh to Thundersley to pick it up, which they did on a Friday afternoon. (Apparently, there is a picture of delivery being taken with a Greeves sales executive and also Robbie Allan, older brother of Vic, who was working for Greeves at the time).

On the following Saturday, Tom Jnr rode it part of the way north to run it in, and when he got home, he took off the lights and got it ready for the CSMA trial near Gifford, East Lothian the very next day. Although he was only a novice he got the best non-expert and a first class award. Two weeks later he got another first class and was then classified in Scotland as an expert. Tom Jnr also went on to win the Pinhard prize trophy for trials in 1967 – his name appearing on the trophy alongside John Surtees, Mike Hailwood, Grahame Noyce, Dave Thorpe and many other notable motorcyclists.

Tom Milton on his 1967 Pinhard Prize win: “Regarding the Pinhard, I think it is true to say that, while ‘Trials’ is shown against my name on the Sunbeam Club list, it was really a combination of other factors, such as being a long-time committee member of the Melville Motor Club and a co-organiser of their scrambles and trials events, as well as one of the youngest ever members of the Scottish ACU Management Committee, and as a result being a Steward at other club’s scrambles, that contributed to the award”.

In September 1963, Tom won his first trial, at Loch Lomond. The photograph of Tom was taken during that event – the bike has a different tank fitted now although the original is still with the bike and was obviously changed at some point to save weight.

Apparently, an article on the bike was written for the Scottish clubman magazine, and it would have appeared in one of the 1963 issues. When the magazine was wound up, a full set of back issues was lodged with the National Library of Scotland in George IVth Bridge in Edinburgh.

The next stage for me is to try and get the bike re-registered back into its original number, thereon I hope to restore it to as close to its original condition as possible. As the lights were taken off straight away I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what type of lights were fitted. Originally the bike has rock guards fitted also.

If anyone has any photos of the bike at Greeves with Robbie Allan and the Greeves staff or records showing its review in the clubman magazine I would be very grateful to hear from you via John Moffat and this site.

Mark Morris

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