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Nevis Radio Fort William

SSDT 2017 - Ross Noble Trials UK photo
The film crew charted Ross Noble’s first attempt at the 2017 SSDT – In the background are Nevis Radio’s John Weller and Trials Guru’s John Moffat (on microphone) before one of the daily runs. – Photo courtesy of Trials UK Media

Trials Guru features a local radio station that covers the Scottish Six Days Trial and is the only media radio station to do so – Nevis Radio, Fort William

Nevis Radio is a community Radio station based in Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland. It has been operating for 25 years and started out by giving ski report information for the Nevis Range Ski Centre. Over the years the output grew until it had a full time schedule without needing a service from Inverness based MFR and in turn became its own entity.

Nevis Radio has two staff, one full time, and one part time, with everyone else including the board of directors being volunteers. With this in mind, the stations’ drive and overall output is driven by a passion for what they do.

Did you know … Nevis Radio was one of the first UK radio stations to broadcast on the internet? Because they love what they do, they are always looking for new ways to raise the bar in how they work – with everything.

In recent years – Nevis Radio have covered the SSDT with a four hour show daily. One year they added global streaming, and then added the ability to chat to the studio in real time. They also tried to live stream video from the SSDT Parc Ferme which proved a hit. So much so they have worked hard every year to improve this option and always try to bring along something new every year to enhance what they can offer.

2018 will be no exception with ideas currently in testing. NR are proud to  say last years’ result of a fully streamed Video service on ‘youtube’ and online listener figures as well as FM output exceeded 250,000 people which by any length is an amazing achievement for a small team.

They have also covered other events in the area like Christmas festivals, live music events and farm shows all with varied content and their own challenges but the main aim is to give a window on the event to the people of Lochaber or wherever anyone is tuned in online. The sense of achievement to hear feedback on their efforts is immense as 90% of the External events is generally produced and run by a team of three or four people at most – even of that three of those people are generally volunteers with no ‘professional’ experience.

Despite the tags of ‘Volunteer’ and ‘professional output’, NR always do their very best to give the best output they believe they can offer which has been noted on many occasions, even by others in the television and radio industry. Recently being involved in the ‘Biggest Little Railway’ on Channel 4 and more prominently on Ross Noble’s OFF ROAD SSDT effort on the Dave channel. Both production crews were suitably impressed with what a small station and a handful of dedicated people could achieve.

To listen on the good old wireless – You can get NR across Lochaber on 96.6, 102.3 and 102.4.  They have never managed to get an accurate idea of listener figures but they were given an estimation in the region of 12,500 daily from others in the industry, however NR have no way to say if that is accurate or not. In terms of the content they listen to, they are open to everything and anything as they don’t have a larger corporate network to follow! Anything from bikes, to fitness and wellbeing, farming to getting the best of your technology – as long as it’s interesting Nevis Radio will take a look. This also applies to music with a fully independent playlist containing music from today’s top forty, a number of other not so well known popular tracks, upcoming and independent artists and they always support local artists too. Because of this approach to cater from anyone from the age eighteen to eighty, Nevis Radio are a very diverse station who like to cater for everyone in our community.

Looking at the SSDT Coverage – this will be the second year the current team have done this using  this format:

Studio Anchor: Simon Abberley known as ‘Sy’ aka ‘Biscuit Boy’, plus other varied names.
Sy Abberley
Sy Abberley doing what he does

Sy is the Sustainability and Business Manager at Nevis Radio, in short the man behind the plan. In charge of all things technical and admin, Sy also creates the audio parts used and adverts for the station when he’s not on air broadcasting or coming up with another grand plan of how to enhance the service in some way. Sy has been with Nevis around ten years and started as a volunteer. He has a background in DJ’ing which is where the passion started for the music and as time passed it was noted he had good skills in all things technical and dabbled in production. After seven years of being the Production Manager at Nevis Radio, Sy undertook the transformation into the Sustainability Manager in January last year to steer Nevis to new heights in the 21st century with new ideas and take what Nevis can offer to the community.

On site Presenter: John Weller known as ‘JW’ aka Mr. Weller / Security.
DSC_2052 - red
John Weller (Left) is the lead presenter at the SSDT Nevis Radio outside broadcasts – Photo: John Hulme/Trials Media

John is a dedicated volunteer to Nevis Radio. Currently hosts four shows, is a Director and chairperson of the company, and also is the Head of Music. John has always been keen on the music and preents varied shows through the week of differing styles. But has always shown a keen interest in other events such as the SSDT. In previous years John has done the camera work, also assisted in getting information for presenters such as John Moffat – our ‘SSDT Guru’. And last year hosted the SSDT coverage alongside John Moffat.

John Weller has always assisted Sy with his ‘wonderful’ ideas and supports where possible, John is very much an essential member of not just the ‘SSDT Team’ but of Nevis Radio.


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New Year Quiz

Guess the identity of the rider/modifier of this 340 Bultaco Sherpa!

Bultaco - SSDT

The photo was taken at the SSDT in the early eighties – yes we know which year, but do you know who the rider of this modified machine was?

Bultaco enthusiasts will straight away notice the larger alloy air-box, different mudguard stays, additional length mud-flap on the front mudguard, different tank filler cap, much modified clutch casing and operating arm location!

Answer added at foot of page: 31/12/2017

1977 SSDT prog rear cover - Bultaco advert

Answer: Walther Luft from Vienna modified this Bultaco Sherpa 340 in 1982, photo taken at the SSDT the same year by Ian Gibson, Newcastle.


Racing at the Castle 2018

Whilst Trials Guru is all about trials, we sometimes deviate ‘off piste’ and this was one of those moments we were asked to promote Classic Motocross. We were happy to oblige, especially when the Special Guest is Brad Lackey, 1982 500cc World Motocross Champion from the USA who will be flying in for this unique event in South-West Scotland on 14/15 July 2018 – ‘Racing at the Castle’ ~ The Drumlanrig Castle Scottish Classic Grand National Motocross.

Be There or Be Square!

Classic Trial Mag Issue 23


Classic Trial Magazine Issue 23.indd
Classic Trial Magazine Issue 23.indd

Classic Trial Magazine will be dropping through your letterbox early week and inside you will find all your Classic Trials News, Action, Events, Tests and so much more.

Inside you will find articles in Issue 23 on:

Conversion: The Peter Gaunt Ducati 350 comes under inspection.


International: Takahisa Fujinami joined the fun at the Costa Brava Two Day.


Classic News: Its 1967, the year Mick Andrews got married.

Classic Competition: We look at the 1968 Southern Experts and the 1971 Victory Trial.

Ambassador: A man who gave so much to our sport Peter Beardmore.


Special: Justyn Norek Jnr rides the Harry Stitt BSA B40.


Flashback: The start of the Indoor Trials events.


Project: Michael Martin and the Mickmar.


Meeting: It’s DOT to DOT with Eric Adcock.


Sport: Kia Twin-Shock Series and the Exeter Two Day.

Plus all the regular features – Remember it’s only Trials!!

Classic Trial Magazine in Print – We are proud to be in print and using new material and many unseen images from the very best photographers in the world.

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Ross Noble: Off Road

SSDT 2017 - Ross Noble Trials UK photo
The film crew charted Ross Noble’s first attempt at the 2017 SSDT – In the background are Nevis Radio’s John Weller and Trials Guru’s John Moffat (on microphone) before one of the daily runs. – Photo courtesy of Trials UK Media


Ross Noble: Off Road – Coming Soon! – Stand-up and TV comedian, Ross Noble took part in this years’ SSDT in May. He was accompanied by James Burroughs and a film crew who have provided footage for a mini series charting Ross’s attempt at the famous annual event.

The series will be aired on DAVE channel on December 7, 14 & 21st at 20.00. Photo: Courtesy of Trials UK Media, showing Ross and Trials Guru’s John Moffat at the Parc-Ferme in Fort William before one of the daily runs. Definitely something pre-Christmas for the trials enthusiast.

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Vesty strikes Gold

Bultaco ‘Manuel Soler’ 1977 Factory Sherpa found in USA:

The prototype 199 model of 1977 discovered in the USA as found by Yrjo Vesterinen – Photo: Y. Vesterinen

For those of you that are interested in Bultacos, Trials Guru would like to show you some pictures of the latest ‘treasure’ from the USA, unearthed by none other than three times FIM World Trials Champion, Yrjo Vesterinen.

Vesty had been offered the machine where it has been laying for many years unused in the USA, having been bought after the 1977 world round, ridden by works development rider, Manuel Soler.

It’s hard to imagine that Manuel Soler rode the world championship round in the USA at Port Huron and that this bike was sold into private ownership 40 years ago.

The Bultaco factory had shipped works bikes out to the USA for their riders to compete in the world series, but logistics dictated that it was cheaper to sell the bikes off in the USA through importer ‘Bultaco International Ltd’ than repatriate them back to Spain. So this particular machine was sold for $600 to a private buyer on 12th September 1977 on the factory’s behalf.

The rear top suspension mount is doubled for experimental shock positioning – Photo: Y. Vesterinen

The most visible difference between this and the standard bike are the dual mounting points for the rear shocks. Most other modifications are hidden from view.

Similarly the lower shock mounts are doubled on the swinging arm which was not gusseteed for the 199 model, this would be done for the subsequent 199A version – Photo: Y. Vesterinen

These include a works air-filter box, a modified cylinder barrel and a new gearbox that gave a much higher top gear, something Scottish Six Days Trial competitors welcomed. Most other things are cosmetic like a slimmer fuel tank and a lower seat were fitted by the factory. The lower seat being a favourite item by works rider and Bulto family member, Soler.

The crankcases were machined to take the high top gear pinion, a feature of the production model 199 Sherpa of 1977 – Photo: Y. Vesterinen

Inside the beast, the porting of the cylinder barrel is non standard – Photo: Y. Vesterinen

The real deal, the factory air boxes differed from standard – Photo: Y. Vesterinen

Yrjo Vesterinen says that water ingress has caused some corrosion damage within the clutch case – Photo: Y. Vesterinen

A 1977 photograph clearly shows the doubled shock mounts on Manuel Soler’s prototype 199 Sherpa

Along with the machine came paperwork showing the sale in September 1977 of the machine into private ownership.

20171113_220418 - no removed
The bill of sale from September 1977 of this very special Sherpa prototype – Photo: Y. Vesterinen

This is without question the prototype for what would become the model 199 Sherpa of 1977and will be of particular interest to those who own or have owned a model 199 Sherpa. – All Photos: Y. Vesterinen

Factory publicity photo of the Sherpa 199 of 1977, a direct descendant of the prototype that Yrjo Vesterinen has repatriated from the USA – Photo: Bultaco Motorcycles, Spain

Vesty has promised to update us of the restoration of this very historic Bultaco over the next few months, here on Trials Guru.

To Be Continued……

Article copyright: Trials Guru & Y. Vesterinen 2017

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Trialsport 500

Trialsport 500 - crop

The German Trialsport magazine has reached a fantastic landmark with its 500th edition in November 2017.

Originally the brainchild of former German Trials Champion, Felix Krahnstover in the mid 1970s, the magazine has been the staple publication for trials news in Germany for over 40 years.

Rainer Heise was an early contributer who took hundreds of images for the magazine, some of which he allowed Trials Guru to feature in the page: Trials in Germany

The editor currently is Hans Greiner who continues this great tradition.

We at Trials Guru congratulate Trialsport in its achievement of 500 issues, here is to the next 500!