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Time to freshen up

Time for a freshen up!

Drowned bike - JY

Over the next few weeks we will be ‘freshening up’ some of the pages on Trials Guru. This is due to articles having become ‘time-bound’ as they were written when an event was just run and is effectively dated.

We don’t go in for a lot of trials reports on here, we leave that to the motorcycle press and other websites to cover. Reports are only relevant at the time.

For example we don’t carry all the results of the SSDT other than the podium as the official SSDT website already has downloads available for some of the results.

What we are most interested in is bringing you articles and photos, facts and figures from the sport.

So we will be withdrawing and amending some postings within Trials Guru so that the content is less time-bound and is more relevant to readers finding out more about our sport or help those remember how it used to be.



Minutes apart

We are always looking for interesting stories and photos from the world of trials, ancient and modern.

1961 - SSDT - George Noble - Grey Mares Ridge - Ray Foulds Photo

This story is regarding the Scottish Six Days Trial.

Here is a photo taken by Ray Foulds, a trials and motorcycling enthusiast from Glasgow, Scotland who was happily taking photographs at the 1961 Scottish Six Days Trial. He managed to get to the top of the Grey Mare’s Ridge group and positioned himself just beyond the section ends cards. Ray Foulds rode trials, was a Glasgow Mercury MCC member and was also an active member of the Glasgow Lion MCC.

We are not sure in which order riders attempted the section, but what we do know is that Gordon Jackson, who carried number 166 on the factory AJS, lost his solitary one mark at this section. The famous ‘Jackson Dab’ was captured for posterity by the late Peter Howdle of Motor Cycle News and the image is the intellectual property of Mortons Media, having bought the rights to the photograph some years ago.

If you look closely at the photo of number 164, George Noble on his 500cc Royal Enfield, you will see the young observer, David Johnston (second person facing camera from the left) from Edinburgh watching George’s progress to the ends cards feet on the rests. Peter Howdle is on the right wearing an anorak, crouching with camera still in hand, the very camera that took the famous Jackson photograph.

The observer, David Johnston emigrated to Canada some years ago.

Now a Canadian citizen, David Johnston originally from Edinburgh was the observer in 1961 to debit Gordon Jackson’s score with the famous one mark! Here is David in 1972 riding the SSDT on his 169cc Greeves/Puch Pathfinder.

For those interested in the location, the hill on the left is ‘Pap of Glencoe’ and the Loch Leven forms the background to the shot. The section is located high above the village of Kinlochleven.

Who was George W. Noble?

George was a farmer from the village of Skirling, near Biggar in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. He was also the brother-in-law of George Hodge, the seven times Scottish Scrambles Champion. George Noble was a regular first class award winner in Scottish trials. His son George Noble junior was a Scottish Motocross champion and rode for Mickey Oates Motorcycles on a 500cc Kawasaki. The family farm is called ‘Galalaw’ and was used by the Edinburgh St. George club to run the annual Evening News Trial from 1977 – 1990.

What of the machine TFS500 – the 500cc Royal Enfield?

This was indeed an interesting machine, registered in Edinburgh in 1959, it was built from parts by Bell & Small in Broughton Place, Edinburgh, who were Royal Enfield sub-agents of Alexanders. A similar machine of 350cc capacity was built at the same time. The Royal Enfield was ridden in the SSDT twice, the first time was by John N. Clarkson in 1960 and then by George Noble, Clarkson’s cousin as seen in this article in 1961. The machine was subsequently owned by A.M.L. ‘Laurie’ MacLean from Haddington. In the 1980s it was bought by Willie Dalling, who became clerk of the course of the SSDT, but the registration documents had been lost by previous owners and the registration number was suspended.

For more information on the Scottish Six Days Trial go to our SSDT Page.


Classic Trial Magazine presses on

It’s that time again for all the subscribers to Classic Trial Magazine, Issue 26 should be dropping through your letterbox early this week and inside you will find all your Classic Trials News, Action, Events, Tests and so much more for you Classic – Retro addicted trials enthusiasts. It’s time for a brew, a beer or maybe a wine for the ladies, so park your feet up sit back and enjoy the read!

Inside and full of action you will find:

What’s the Story? Bernie Schreiber at the opening round of the 1981 WTC

Catch Up: Up to speed with Bernie Schreiber.

New Models: Showroom 1978 – What’s for Sale?

Profile: The Gustav Franke story told for the first time.


Records: Following the start of the European championship1964 – 1974.

Specials: Made in Holland – The machines of Toon Van De Vliet.

Sport: Its catch up time at the Kia Championship.

Classic Event: Who knows the history of the Highland Two Day at Alvie?

Kit Machine: Looking at the Sammy Miller 125cc Honda.

Heritage: The future of the Talmag Trial.

Mystery Machine: What’s the yellow Heuser trials machine?

Let’s Travel: On the ‘Bucket’ list in 2019 is the Andorra two day trial.

International: We conclude the 1978 World Championship.

Classic Trial Magazine in Print – We are proud to be in print and using new material and many unseen images from the very best photographers in the world.

Remember Classic Trial Magazine is only available on subscription.

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BSA Update on JTS139

The story of the ‘BSA that Alf Rode‘ has been updated with fresh information and new photographs of the bike that has a great deal of SSDT history.

The latest news is that the very bike may be at next years Scottish Six Days Trial as a tribute to local man Ron S. Thomson, 60 years after it was first ridden in the SSDT in 1959!

Ron Thomson - 1959 - BSA C15

Watch this space as they say!


Have a scroll through Trials Guru

Bernie June 2018
Bernie Schreiber likes Trials Guru!

It is noticeable at certain times of the year, not much new material is posted on Trials Guru website. There is a good reason for this, annual holidays and a general lack of new articles and material coming forward. It happens!

However, the website is actually crammed with interesting stuff that you may not have seen yet, have you looked or just passed by?

Try out our INDEX to see what is held in our pages and articles, you will be surprised!


Revamp complete!

We have recently undertaken to rebrand (if that is the correct phrase) Trials Guru to reflect what it really is… ‘It’s All About Motorcycle Trials’.


Taking note of comments from our readers and followers, we also decided that the menu banner at the top of the page had become rather too busy and confusing, so we have introduced a simpler format with fewer titles and some drop down menus from the headings which are:

Stand-alone headings: Index; Coming Next!; About: Trials Guru; Useful Links; Contact;

Drop-down headings: Photographers; Riders; Major Events; Features; Regional Sport & Manufacturers.

The ‘Index’ facility is proving really popular.

Hopefully this will enhance your Trials Guru experience and enable you to find articles, features and all sorts of trials information easier and quicker than before, especially if using a mobile device.

Trials Guru – Dedicated to the Sport!

TG Logo 2

New title for Trials Guru

After four years of Trials Guru on the web, we have decided to change our headline slogan from “Photos from the sport of trials” to something more aligned with what Trials Guru is about… “It’s All About Motorcycle Trials” and that of course includes electric trials as they have a ‘motor’.

Still Trials Guru, the independent, not for profit website which is recording the history of the sport from the start to the current day.

Trials Guru, made by trials riders and enthusiasts, for trials riders and enthusiasts!